3 Week Residential Course

During our three week residential course, your dog will learn the basic commands on and off leash.
Before your dog arrives at K9-Unit, you will be asked to complete a dog behaviour assessment form. Our specialist team will use this to help you identify the most effective course of dog obedience and dog behaviour management training.

On arrival, you and your dog will be greeted by your allocated trainer, who will quickly establish a handler/dog relationship with your dog and undertake basic assessment testing.

Our dog obedience and dog behaviour management training is enforced through a positive and negative system. This means your dog will be praised and rewarded for good behaviour using the following commands:


The commands will be taught on and off leash with distractions i.e. people walking past, and these commands will be held for a period while the handler is out of sight. This encourages your dog to retain the obedience training he/she has undertaken, and to abide by it even when the handler is out of sight. At the end of the course, your dogs newly acquired skills in obedience and behaviour management will be demonstrated to you, and our specialist trainers will show you how to handle and control your dog, in order to maintain the training and assist your dog to quickly learn that this is the way forward.

We offer a complimentary one hour follow up session which takes place two weeks after your dogs training has been completed. This allows us to assess the dog, and identify any handler errors which we will help you correct, and gives you an opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

Training package costs are inclusive of board and food for your dog. Any veterinary costs incurred whilst your dog is undertaking their obedience and behaviour management training are excluded and must be settled separately.

On the rare occasion that a dog has not trained to its full potential within its allocated course time, our dog trainers will extend the training period at no extra cost.

The cost of the three week residential course is inclusive of board and food.

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